Do you have a favorite warm weather wine? / by Jake

"More than any other season, summer seems to require rethinking one's approach to wine. While a crisp white can have an icy snap that's equally appealing in July or January, the reds of winter—brawny Cabernets, rich Zinfandels, powerful Bordeaux—feel overwhelmingly heavy when the sun is high and the weather's hot. During the summer, lightness and a refreshing simplicity trump almost any other consideration."

"These characteristics may be why Pinot Grigio, to take one example, has become such a popular warm-weather wine (It has now become America's fifth-largest-selling wine in terms of volume, according to the Nielsen Company.) Like Pinot Noir, it's originally from Burgundy, though it has taken a far different path than its cousin. While the Pinot Grigio grape produces full-bodied, aromatic wines under the alias Pinot Gris in Oregon and France's Alsace region, the best-known versions are crisp, relatively simple ones from northern Italy."

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